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November 2020, no meetings, but still keeping busy

Even though we have no meetings, and are not gathering together in small groups, our guild is still busy. We had another mystery quilt challenge which was orchestrated by Rhonda Doty, we had a great Zoom general meeting on November 10th, and Community Service is still active .

Again our guild has shown compassion, caring, love and support to our community through quilt donations. The amount of quilts we give , with our small quilt is phenomenal. Our Community Service totals so far from November 2019 to November 2020 are:

Sac. Metro Fire-79

Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-86

Capital Star Services-6


Sutter Breast Cancer Auction -8

Other members give to Sutter, but we don’t have a total for individual quilts donated by members. Huge kudos for inspiring work. These numbers are without our guild having a meeting, retreat, or class since March 2020!

The guild is getting more comfortable with Zoom meetings. This month, Rhonda Doty (aka Ethel) and Pat Edmiston (aka Lucy), had fun teaching us different ways to use panels.

“Lucy and Ethel teach us about panels
Rhonda teaches us how to use panels

The Mystery Quilt this month, was beautiful, with every fabric design and color making a beautiful quilt. Rhonda Doty sent out clues every week, and the results were gorgeous.

Pam Wells, Sharon Garsee, Kathy Beard, Kathy McGovern and Rhonda Doty all showed off their finished quilt tops.

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