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2015 December

In December we had our bi-annual potluck for Christmas. It was a full house with everyone enjoying the luscious treats such as Ginger pork loin and Black Forest cobbler. During the meeting portion we had show and tell and a final showing of all the quilts completed for Community Service. As a side note, our Quilt Diva and her table and our visiting guests were escorted to the front of the line. Hope you enjoyed the evening all.

And so the Christmas season begins for AQG.

Christmas attire for Charlotte includes beautiful beading.

Amber has finished her name tag, which makes this webmaster sure I will finish mine someday.

Loaded sideboard.

Kathy McGovern, the quilt diva in garb.

Anita calls for class signups.

Tammy smiles for the one picture she did not take!

Pat is demonstrating the Tetris block plan.

Show and Tell

A finished product from the circular placemat class.

Community Service show is a wonderful, warm way to finish off the season.

Dolls will be loved by a community service recipient.

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