2016 April

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Judy Mullen from Manteca, CA visited in April with her Wearable Art show. We were delighted with her imaginative and creative takes on women’s wear. She offered several patterns so that we could create similar pieces.

Judy briefly flirted with quilt making before she decided to go on to clothing.  Her first wearable art piece was a tiger bedecked jacket to wear to her husband’s class reunion- you guessed it, his mascot was a tiger. And then, of course, when her son started at Berkeley, there was the gold and blue jacket.

The slides above show Judy’s steady progression and her flexibility with a challenge piece, and she won with her challenges at several shows.

Her last two pieces showed her versatility, from the elegant and modern “Grace comes in Silken Splendor” with origami folded flowers to the earthy and fun “Passing through the Painted Desert” with a highway running up the back and several realistic cacti on the front.  We hope to see more of Judy in the future.