Community Service

What is Community Service?

Community service has packets laid out for quilting and binding.

Community service has packets laid out for quilting and binding.

Our Community Service Program is a year-round, ongoing program.

The guild gives to the Tri-County Chaplaincy for law enforcement, and our quilts are put into the trunks of police, sheriff, and California Highway Patrol, to be given in emergency situations.

We also give to the Tri-County Fire Department Chaplaincy where quilts are in ambulances, fire trucks, and emergency vehicles to be given when needed.

We give to Veterans Homes, in Yountville, Auburn, and Reno.

We are dedicated to filling as many needs as possible.

Members have a choice to take home materials for making a quilt, or you may use fabric from your own stash to make a quilt. You could help cut fabric for our blocks; sign up to make quilt deliveries, sew on bindings or even help us by quilting a quilt. We encourage each member of our Guild to get involved. There are several projects available for you to pick up on a monthly basis. Just come by the table at one of our meetings and choose a project to take home.

Different projects you may want to help us with:

  • Making blocks for Block Party.
  • Quilt tops assembled with backing and batting are also available each month. Take the quilt home, quilt it and return it to our table.
  • Sewing bindings on quilts. Some of us like to bind and if that is your talent take an unbound quilt home and return it when finished.
  • If you desire, you may also make a quilt from start to finish. It is your choice.
  • Come to a Meeting and check out all of the new opportunities that we have available for you each month.


The Community Service Committee meets nearly every Wednesday from 10am to 2pm at the Center Unified School District Office on Watt Ave. We sew, cut fabric, and put quilts together. Everyone is welcome. The location for our Sew Day occasionally changes but we always have an advanced notification.

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