June 2022 Day Retreat

A Day of Sewing, Sharing, and Good Food

On Saturday, June 18th, a group of members indulged in a day away from home distractions. Most of the ladies chewed on finishing pieces for fundraising, continuing to piece a project, or plunged into a creative launch of a new project while others were present to glean feedback. The location is in a community building in north Sacramento with excellent indoor and outdoor spaces for an easy, laid-back day from mid-morning to sunset. Although we all brought our drinks and packed lunches with a few sweet or salty snacks to share, the day wrapped up with a downright delicious dinner from Panda Express.

Check out the smiling faces and the mad moment of showing off our Sock Cupcakes, generously presented to everyone by the Day Coordinator, Fabienne. The day proved to be of such delight, such a needful social gathering after pandemic days, we promptly booked another day toward the end of August!