June 2022 General Meeting

Yard Sale & a Minute of Fun

This event, tried once before the pandemic to resounding success, was brought back this year. The Yard Sale entailed a full table at $10 or two members could split a table for $5 each. Guild members brought in a stash purge of goods no longer needed to move forward to those who found them a treasure. We all know the attraction of the four-letter words sale and free, as one Free Table became a side-line attraction for members that brought a single item or collections of bagged items.

All in all, the evening brought good hunting!

To round out the meeting, Fabienne Dransfield, our guild president, led the membership through a fun game of “In a Minute”. One individual from two groups of the membership, essentially each half of the seated audience, competed in speedy competitions involving sewing tools. Aside from the pressure of the clock ticking, some of them were complicated by the challenge of teeny size (stacking empty bobbins with chopsticks!) or oversized mitts (grab a wee pin with that!). It was hilarious!