June 2022 General Meeting

Yard Sale & a Minute of Fun

This event, tried once before the pandemic to resounding success, was brought back this year. The Yard Sale entailed a full table at $10 or two members could split a table for $5 each. Guild members brought in a stash purge of goods no longer needed to move forward to those who found them a treasure. We all know the attraction of the four-letter words sale and free, as one Free Table became a side-line attraction for members that brought a single item or collections of bagged items.

All in all, the evening brought good hunting!

To round out the meeting, Fabienne Dransfield, our guild president, led the membership through a fun game of “In a Minute”. One individual from two groups of the membership, essentially each half of the seated audience, competed in speedy competitions involving sewing tools. Aside from the pressure of the clock ticking, some of them were complicated by the challenge of teeny size (stacking empty bobbins with chopsticks!) or oversized mitts (grab a wee pin with that!). It was hilarious!

December 2021 Guild Meeting

December we met for fun and games, taking time from our busy schedules to enjoy each other’s company, celebrate special members, show appreciation to our outgoing president, and to enjoy some sugary snacks.

Our 2021 Community Service totals are announced——288 quilts distributed in 2021!!

Again we live up to our motto of “Small But Mighty”.

Unveiling 2020-2021 Opportunity Quilt

We are happy to present to you the 2021-2022 opportunity quilt,

Women Make the World a Brighter Place

The quilt measures 76” by 89”.  The pattern we used (with permission) was International Sun Bonnet Sue by Debra Kimball, MD.  

We are grateful for the many hands that worked on this beautiful quilt.  We are planning on entering it in the California State Fair in 2021.

All of the blocks were made using scrap fabrics from Kathy Beard, Lynnda Fair, Lydia Shelton, and Fabienne Dransfield.

The blocks were needle turned hand appliqued by Barbara Davis, Claudine Matulich, JoAnn Lewis, Teresa Lambing, Lynnda Fair, Kathy Beard, Lydia Shelton, and Fabienne Dransfield.

The Belgium block was not part of the pattern.  It was designed by Sharon Garsee.

Hand embroidery was done by Sharon Garsee.

The name of the countries were machine embroidered by Jeannie Cheyne.

The piecing was done by Fabienne Dransfield.

The free-motion quilting was done by JoAnn Lewis.  JoAnn researched the flower associated with each country and quilted it in its corresponding  block.  There is a label on the back of the quilt with the name of the flowers.

The binding was done by Teresa Lambing.

Fabienne Dransfield, Opportunity Quilt Chairperson

Our Busy Community Service Committee and Guild Still Busy

Even with the Covid -19 restrictions, many of our guild members are still busy, while staying home and social distancing, making quilts for our community. Needs and disasters are still happening, even though we can not meet and sew together as a group.

We would like to share what our guild has done in the past, and let you know we are still working!

Packages and quilt tops, batting, backing and binding ready for members to take home to complete

Another quilt completed

Some of the beautiful quilts we give away

Volunteers needed to finish quilts

Quilts headed for a new home

Another beauty being donated

We love to make patriotic quilts for our veterans in wheelchairs

This quilt will keep someone warm

Chairperson Lois Ann distributing work to guild members

Advertise in our Newsletter

We would like to invite you to advertise in the Antelope Quilters Guild newsletter.

As an advertiser, your name and company name, address, phone number, e-mail and website will be listed in each of the twelve newsletter published each month.  Larger advertisement space is available – see chart below.  Business listings and ads must be quilting or sewing related.  Additions or changes to your advertisement must be submitted on or before the 25th of each month.

Monthly Advertising Rates:

Member / Non-Member

Classified (3 lines/25 words) $ 5.00* / $ 2.50

Business Card Ad $ 5.00 / $10.00

Quarter Page Ad $ 7.50 / $15.00

Half Page Ad $10.00 / $20.00

Full Page Ad $15.00 / $30.00

* Non-members can receive a 10% discount to the above rates if prepaying a full year (12-months) in advance.  For example 12 months x $10.00 = $120.00 – 12.00 (10%) = $108.00. If you are interested in advertising with us please complete the below form and mail to our P.O. Box.


Thank you for considering the guild. See our Contacts page for current Advertising Chairperson name.

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Check #: ___________ Date: ______________

Discounts offered or other information the guild members should know: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Electronically submitted ads should be sent in word (.doc) or JPEG (jpg) format.Make checks payable to:

Antelope Quilters Guild   P.O. Box 1738 North Highlands, CA 95660


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