Monthly Program

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Social hour begins at 6:30 pm
Meeting starts at 7:00 pm
Lutheran Church of the Ascension
7606 Garden Gate Drive 
Citrus Heights, CA 95621

Kellie Willey will present: “Little Quilts, No Big Deal”.

Kellie lives in Alton, Iowa. She is a miniature quilt maker and will share her talent of “Miniature Quilts for the Everyday Quilters”.

June 2022 Day Retreat

A Day of Sewing, Sharing, and Good Food

On Saturday, June 18th, a group of members indulged in a day away from home distractions. Most of the ladies chewed on finishing pieces for fundraising, continuing to piece a project, or plunged into a creative launch of a new project while others were present to glean feedback. The location is in a community building in north Sacramento with excellent indoor and outdoor spaces for an easy, laid-back day from mid-morning to sunset. Although we all brought our drinks and packed lunches with a few sweet or salty snacks to share, the day wrapped up with a downright delicious dinner from Panda Express.

Check out the smiling faces and the mad moment of showing off our Sock Cupcakes, generously presented to everyone by the Day Coordinator, Fabienne. The day proved to be of such delight, such a needful social gathering after pandemic days, we promptly booked another day toward the end of August!

June 2022 General Meeting

Yard Sale & a Minute of Fun

This event, tried once before the pandemic to resounding success, was brought back this year. The Yard Sale entailed a full table at $10 or two members could split a table for $5 each. Guild members brought in a stash purge of goods no longer needed to move forward to those who found them a treasure. We all know the attraction of the four-letter words sale and free, as one Free Table became a side-line attraction for members that brought a single item or collections of bagged items.

All in all, the evening brought good hunting!

To round out the meeting, Fabienne Dransfield, our guild president, led the membership through a fun game of “In a Minute”. One individual from two groups of the membership, essentially each half of the seated audience, competed in speedy competitions involving sewing tools. Aside from the pressure of the clock ticking, some of them were complicated by the challenge of teeny size (stacking empty bobbins with chopsticks!) or oversized mitts (grab a wee pin with that!). It was hilarious!

Successful “Quilt as you go” Class

We started out the New Year with a fun class class on Saturday.

Pat Edmiston taught the class. She called it her circle flannel quilt.

Community Service fabric was used, using flannel fabric. When completed all the quilts will go to our Community Service donation quilts.

Nice job quilters! Pictured below are Pat E, Doris H., Kathy S., Kathleen, Anita R., and Fabienne D.

December 2021 Guild Meeting

December we met for fun and games, taking time from our busy schedules to enjoy each other’s company, celebrate special members, show appreciation to our outgoing president, and to enjoy some sugary snacks.

Our 2021 Community Service totals are announced——288 quilts distributed in 2021!!

Again we live up to our motto of “Small But Mighty”.

October 12, 2021

Members Tackle Community Service Project

October 12, 2021


Our members spent a busy evening turning pillowcases, getting them ready to sew and finish. We turned 400 pillowcases. Now they are ready to sew and deliver!

President Barbara D., presiding over meeting

Many hands make light work

Melissa and her crew cut and sewing all the fabric into tubes.

400 pillowcases getting ready to go.

Annette doing her part by turning lots of tubes

Barbara doing her part.

Antelope Quilters Guild is busy, busy, busy!


Meeting: Antelope Quilters Guild is meeting in person and still very active in the community.

On September 14, 2021 we were able to meet at 7:00 pm

Ascension Lutheran Church

 7607 Garden Gate Drive

Citrus Heights,CA 95621

It was a joy to see the faces of members and friends.


On September 18, we joined the Elks in Carmichael for a Craft Fair. Many members have contributed to our craft fair, and we had beautiful handmade items for sale. We sold quite a few items. The money we raised will go toward programs and community service.

November 2020, no meetings, but still keeping busy

Even though we have no meetings, and are not gathering together in small groups, our guild is still busy. We had another mystery quilt challenge which was orchestrated by Rhonda Doty, we had a great Zoom general meeting on November 10th, and Community Service is still active .

Again our guild has shown compassion, caring, love and support to our community through quilt donations. The amount of quilts we give , with our small quilt is phenomenal. Our Community Service totals so far from November 2019 to November 2020 are:

Sac. Metro Fire-79

Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-86

Capital Star Services-6


Sutter Breast Cancer Auction -8

Other members give to Sutter, but we don’t have a total for individual quilts donated by members. Huge kudos for inspiring work. These numbers are without our guild having a meeting, retreat, or class since March 2020!

The guild is getting more comfortable with Zoom meetings. This month, Rhonda Doty (aka Ethel) and Pat Edmiston (aka Lucy), had fun teaching us different ways to use panels.

“Lucy and Ethel teach us about panels
Rhonda teaches us how to use panels

The Mystery Quilt this month, was beautiful, with every fabric design and color making a beautiful quilt. Rhonda Doty sent out clues every week, and the results were gorgeous.

Pam Wells, Sharon Garsee, Kathy Beard, Kathy McGovern and Rhonda Doty all showed off their finished quilt tops.