Advertise in our Newsletter

We would like to invite you to advertise in the Antelope Quilters Guild newsletter.

As an advertiser, your name and company name, address, phone number, e-mail and website will be listed in each of the twelve newsletter published each month.  Larger advertisement space is available – see chart below.  Business listings and ads must be quilting or sewing related.  Additions or changes to your advertisement must be submitted on or before the 25th of each month.

Monthly Advertising Rates:

Member / Non-Member

Classified (3 lines/25 words) $ 5.00* / $ 2.50

Business Card Ad $ 5.00 / $10.00

Quarter Page Ad $ 7.50 / $15.00

Half Page Ad $10.00 / $20.00

Full Page Ad $15.00 / $30.00

* Non-members can receive a 10% discount to the above rates if prepaying a full year (12-months) in advance.  For example 12 months x $10.00 = $120.00 – 12.00 (10%) = $108.00. If you are interested in advertising with us please complete the below form and mail to our P.O. Box.


Thank you for considering the guild. See our Contacts page for current Advertising Chairperson name.

Owner Name (published): _______________________________________________

Point of Contact Name (if different from above): _____________________________

Company/Business Name: _______________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________  State: _______

Zip Code: ______________Phone: _____________________

E-Mail: ___________________________________

Website: ______________________________________________________________

Amount Paid ____________________

Check #: ___________ Date: ______________

Discounts offered or other information the guild members should know: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Electronically submitted ads should be sent in word (.doc) or JPEG (jpg) format.Make checks payable to:

Antelope Quilters Guild   P.O. Box 1738 North Highlands, CA 95660

Charitable ID # 2849801